19 May, 2008

Preakness: Oh yeah, there was a horse race, too.

In Baltimore, we've been accused of doing things just a little bit different. Chalk it up to the small town mentality with the big town population. Or our staunch pride in our colonial heritage. Or the fact that we lead the nation in heroin addicts per capita.

Either way, you may have tuned in to our little horse race this weekend. Have it every year. And though the pomp and circumstance of finely-bred animals battling to secure their spot in sports history is something to behold, it pales in comparison to the beer orgy that plays out in the infield. Picture Lord of the Flies being re-enacted by a cast of 100,000 as horses run around it all day long, and you've only scratched the patina of what makes the event so...special.

And of course, there's this:

It's only a matter of time before someone sponsors this.

The Renegade Running of the Urinals. It sings.

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M.M.McDermott, ACD/Copywriter/1999 Preakness Purple Heart

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