01 July, 2007

Meet Sean Sutherland / Associate Account Executive

Hello, I'm Sean Sutherland, newest Associate Account Executive at Renegade and newest Contributer to Renegade's award winning, Agency Confessional blog. Rather than bore you by writing about myself, a colleague of mine offered to do it for me.

The following was written by Jim Luparello III, fellow AAE who has the great honor of sitting next to me:

"What can be said about Sean Sutherland that hasn’t already been said? Well, since no one really knows who he is, you can say anything you want. All we really know is that he is from Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University, he knows how to Relate to the Public (ie. Public Relations), and from what we can tell from his outstanding contributions to the Agency Confessional, he knows how to spell.

The rest is a blur of his stunning work ethic, a charming sense of humor and a passion for his fiance, Jessica, action figures, and comic books that is unrivaled by any other living creature. And I think he said he plays hockey, or likes hockey, or watches hockey. That probably means he’s a Red Wings fan. They definitely don’t serve Natty Boh up around 8 Mile."
Dictated, but not written.
Thanks for that endorsement, bud!

I also frequent Brand New's discussion on branding and you can find me on twitter.

Happy to be in the cozy offices of Renegade after living in the wilds of PR freelancing for so long.

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