29 June, 2007

Jason Bloom, Senior Avid Editor

"Woah! Look ad that 'a crasy pigture. Yu ahr so a' free kee man!" That was lifted from a recent voicemail from an unidentified fan located somewhere deep in eastern Europe. I'm not sure why, but I've developed a large cult following amongst residents of the former Soviet Bloc. I get four and five messages a day, usually unintelligible except for the obvious tone of rapture and reverence in their voice.

Why? Got me. I'm just the senior editor here at Renegade. Sure I've been an employee for twelve years and am the third tenured at the company, but that doesn't warrant constant emails in Estonian usually translating to, "I would sell my children into slavery just for the knowledge that you deigned to read my pitiful bleating of a message." I'm not even that talented. There are at least three other people in the world more talented than I am.

I don't know. I guess it's my chiseled good looks, my legendary stamina, and my fabled use of "The Persian Butterfly" Technique. Whatever it is, I'm just humbled that so many people around the world want to be near me. It's quaint, really.

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