26 July, 2010

Mad Props

Shout out to Evolve Communications for their righteous Mad Men premiere party at The Falls. I have a new favorite thing, and it's Power Point Pitch Karaoke (AKA Battle Decks). Video from the event below (UPDATE: The sound is suspect. Sorry about that.):

Also, from the Shameless Plugs Department, help me put a little Baltimore ad moxy into Mad Men. The page I pop up on changes, but I'm in the neighborhood of here. Vote early, vote often:

Other madness, man: The letter Scotch; Mad Trust; Twittergate; Sterling Cooper, Eh?; Strokin'; She's mad as hell.

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22 July, 2010

Photoshop's a beach

Click to see what a designer giving up on life really looks like.

We usually leave Photoshop hack work to the professionals, but couldn't help but notice the Yahoo! design staff took a vacation on this one. Stretch before going into the water, people. It could save your life.

Other Photoshop of Horrors: 6 Foursquare Badges That Don't Exist, but Should; Failure to Launch; Soda Chop; The Tao of Photoshop.

Speedo-tip to Stern-o at RP.

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19 July, 2010

If I'm going to get hit by a car, I want it to look awesome.

Clear enough for you, proletariat pedestrians? Stumbled across this expandable display gem on The Baltimore Sun's site the other day. Sadly, in this town, we need advertising to teach adults how to cross the street without, you know, dying.

If you've driven in (C)harm City for more than a month, you've no doubt had to pound the brakes once for some dufus strutting out into traffic with the same obliviousness as a bleating babe emerging from the womb.

I'd like to think things'll get better when we have flying cars, but by then, we'll just have some dude in a jet pack wafting in front of our X-wing sedan.

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