21 August, 2008

The Real Sterling Cooper, Eh?

I'm sure somebody's already done this, but for turds and tickles I typed sterlingcooper.com into the ol' Firefox address box. Who wouldn't want to see what kind of site AMC cooked up for the debaucherous faux Madison Avenue ad house known as much for AEs chasing T&A as it is for its rye-soaked genius?

Up pops the homepage for a mechanical engineering firm.

In Canada.

The world just got a little lamer today.

M.M. McDermott, ACD/Maple Syrupy

Much to the chagrin of MTLB's Bill Green, more Mad Men worship: Don Draper gets me all hot and bothered; and Maddened Minority.

Update: The Sterling Cooper site is here: www.sterlingcooperadvertising.com.
It's just a dummy jump to AMC's show page. Boo.
via Scott Monty.

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