27 August, 2008

Olympic Logo FAIL

Unlike the good Cap'n, I'm not ready to get all hari-kari up in here now that the Olympics are over. Truth be told, I'm glad it's done. The act of kicking a foreigner's ass at random sports in the name of national supremacy has really lost its luster over the decades. Where's the soul? Pure, determined...and un-narrated by Bob Costas? It's all advertising now. Just a bunch of well-muscled coporate logos sprinting and jumping and swimming about.

Speaking of logos, WTF is up with the logo for the Olympics across the pond in '12? A design group billed £400,00 to come up with this? That's, like, 3 trillion dollars in American money, or something, right?It looks like a first-grader tried to fingerpaint the KISS logo. Punk Points for those calling foul on this one; and a triple-word score for our pals over at WAS who converted complaints into action, sponsoring an online open mic night for new logo designs. Even I submitted one (below), though admittedly, it's more ad than logo (and more awful than good).The mindset behind it was simple. Understatement. Seemed to mesh with the archetypal (maybe stereotypical) Brit: detached, unimpressed, and exceedingly non-plussed, with just a bit of irony for flavoring. I always think of the Monty Python line delivered by the knight who's just had two arms hacked off in battle, "It's just a flesh wound." So, there it is. Olympic rings, tea, and two minutes with Photoshop.

Carry on, mates...we only have to look at the London Olympics logo for 1500+ more days.

In logo-related news: Starbucks logo roasted for showing its naughty bits.

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