29 June, 2007

Captain Awesome, Copywriter

I just passed my 2nd anniversary here at Renegade—my first as a full-time copywriter—and I thought it was time to reexamine my image. Besides, I went through all the trouble of making this awesome Simpsonized picture of myself. Don’t judge me, that movie came out less than like two years ago. Did you visit one of the temporary Kwik-E-Marts? Neither did I, but I did go to one back when it was still a 7-11.

Anyway, in my time at Renegade I’ve written commercials, posters, advertisements, short films, and long-form videos. I’ve acted, modeled (that wasn’t my idea), and performed voiceover. I've criticized both good advertising and bad. I’m sure I produced both as well. And I even donned a wig and dress for a creative department rendition of You’re the One That I Want (I was not Danny Zuko). What have I learned—I’d rather be wrong a lot and get better at this every time I'm wrong, than be right all of the time and still totally suck.

Oh, and if you want to read my old bio and see an awesome picture of me made up as Wolverine, click here.

Thanks for reading.

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