28 June, 2007

Jason Stern, Director of Production

Hey, I'm Jason, Director of Production at Renegade. More of a video professional than a long-haired outlaw dishing out vigilante justice on a motorcycle.

Do I look familiar? You might have seen me cutting a rug at your holiday party or declaring myself the winner of the Renegade Beard-Off. But dancing and growing beards aren’t the only things I’m into.

Like all Renegades I wear many hats, only I wash mine between uses. I’ve dabbled in writing, directing, producing, acting, lighting, photography, and camera work.

Outside of the office I’m always looking out for new types of media. Like the product placement in my video games and the ads that line the boards of the SoccerDome. (Reminder: Tuesday night mens league ≠ World Cup.)

ANYWAY, it’s nice to join the contributing team of the Confessional. And don’t worry…you’ll never get a post about Mad Men from me. McDermott’s got that market cornered.

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