21 December, 2007

Crank Dat Holiday Party

Once again, the Renegade Agency holiday party revealed the magic that happens when eccentric individuals and free alcohol intermingle. Renegade Idol Karaoke-tacular. A Soulja Boy Christmas. And let's just say that the gift exchange gave us a much clearer idea of what you can wrap up and give to folks when you're gifting anonymously; thankfully, it was a rare instance batteries were not included.

Clips and pics, more for our own amusement than yours. But enjoy all the same. And from all of us here at Renegade. Happy Everything and Merry You Know What.

Avid Editor Craig Anderson showing us why he deserved the award for Most Enthusiastic Thumbs Up.

The evening quickly descended into chaos once Rick James' albino, Princeton-educated cousin arrived to sing 17th century Eastern European folk hymns.

Renegade President Tim Watkins, world renowned for his solos on the Air Clarinet.

Traffic Coordinator Desiree Clark channels Macy Gray as a demon nods its approval in the shadows.
The Creative Department acknowledges a guest appearance by Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda.

VeeP Jen Stine and Prez Watkins bond over pilfered presents.

(You write the caption. Best entry wins whatever's in the yellow cup.)

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