29 June, 2009

In Memoriam: Billy Mays, 1958-2009

Life after Billy Mays, Day 1: Heart still heavy. Ears not ringing as much. Surprisingly uninterested in taking "the hard work out of yard work."

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25 June, 2009

When Stock Photo Searches Go Bad, Episode 2: Uni-Browser

Search keywords: teen, computer


It's like his eyebrows are shaking hands with each other.

Original here.

Previously in WSPSGB: Douchey on the Bounty.

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22 June, 2009

Free Advertising for Arlington Housing Associations

This video has floored friends of mine from around Washington, D.C., and I'm sure people from around the country can relate to gentrified areas like Arlington, Va. Remy, the artist featured here, has made numerous videos, and this may be his best yet. It's already received more than 500,000 hits in less than two weeks. The rap is dead on and the visuals completely bring it home. I seriously think Arlington housing associations should use this as a promotional video. We're safe. We're fun. And we don't mind advertising it. Although the tourism board might want to come up with a counter-rap.

-Captain Awesome, Copywriter

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16 June, 2009

The GM ad you won't see on TV.

Because it's fake.

But also pretty funny.

So buy American already - you technically kinda own the company anyway.

Other stuff from the parody files: Hyundai says it's ok to crash on their couch til you get back on your feet; NY churches preach the power of Sham-Wow for the Soul; Coen brothers have Coal Power!

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10 June, 2009

Intern Sweatshop: Use Only What You Need

Brandon Musso, Creative Department Intern

David Ogilvy once wrote: “I have a passion for landscape, and I have never seen one improved by a billboard.” Seeing as there is enough advertising clutter out there anyway, I completely agree that billboards popping up all over the countryside are unsightly and monotonous. Once in a while, however, a billboard will stand out for breaking barriers and sending a positive message. Though you may hate the medium, there are billboards that are so creative you almost forget you’re looking at a thirty-foot metal obstruction. Plus, if the message is promoting being eco-friendly, it’s almost balanced out, right? Take a look at this clever billboard from Eskom, a South African electric company.

Though it could be argued that the billboard is only effective 50% of the time, the message is still effective during the day. The spot works visually by only using the space that’s needed. Apparently, this billboard won a Grand Prix at the Loeries, which is surprising seeing as the company is basically telling consumers not to use its product. It also seems Eskom is not well liked by locals in South Africa, so this was a smart move that will hopefully cast the company in a better public light (pun intended).
It immediately reminded me of a campaign I saw for the Denver Water company from the Colorado based Sukle Advertising & Design. The company wanted to break through the clutter and tell its customers to “use only what you need.” I daresay it was effective:

Pretty literal and definitely outstanding. I applaud the campaign for turning your typical loud, colorful, obnoxious billboard into art with a message. To find out more about the Denver Water campaign, check out www.useonlywhatyouneed.org

Brandon Musso, Creative Department Intern

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08 June, 2009

An Inconvenient Freakout

From the blogwires, Bill Green over at MTLB offers a new tidbit for the Stick to What You Know files. With Al Gore's Evironati pumping their daisy-loving, sea-rising propaganda into the media, isn't it comforting to know Memphis-area Burger Kings are here to offer their thoughtful, flame-broiled refutation?

(The more you click, the bigger it gets -and the less sense it makes.)

Burger King Corporation confirmed that the signs have since been removed. The King himself was off clubbing baby seals and could not be reached for comment.

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03 June, 2009

Rage Rover: Where Word of Mouth meets the road

Word of mouth meets protest meets car sales shuck-n-jive.

Across the pond, one guy's not shy about sharing his disdain for the dealer who sold him a Range Rover lemon. And he's parking his complaints outside the showroom for potential buyers to see:

Rather than flame a blog or send tweets of fury, he's decided to take his beef analog. And like negative WOM on the web, there's not much the dealer can do to hide this real life complaint. It's parked on a public road.

Curious to see how the dealer will handle this - outside of a form letter response by their rep. There's opportunity here to be creative and responsive.


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