01 August, 2010

6 Foursquare badges that should exist

I've been mulling over a post on social media pet peeves, stuff that people do on any number of channels that annoy me by cheapening, spamming, or otherwise bumming out the social web. But I realized that most of my gripes lately have been with Foursquare offenders.

So I sat down with my wife - a bonafide Foursquare junkie - and we put together a handful of badges to celebrate the sins of the socially intrepid. We've all been guilty of one or more of them at some time. Or many times.

Liar, Liar:
You big, fat cheater. This is you're 10th check-in at a venue you're more than 1,500 meters away from. Is life really that empty?

Overworked: More than 50% of your check-ins are at your place of employment. You need a raise. Or a life.

Why Spy?: 9 out of 10 check-ins are "off-the-grid". OK, Jason Bourne. We get it. You're secretive. Here's a suggestion: if you don't want people to know where you are, stop using a social network whose key function is to tell people where you are.

Working Lunch: This is the 100th restaurant check-in that you've also broadcasted to your LinkedIn status. Unless you work for Zagat, maybe you should rethink telling your professional network every time you eat at Rita's Jambalaya Shanty.

Home, Sweet Huh?: Congratulations! You're mayor...of your house. Along with being king of your bird feeder and magistrate of your tool shed, you've really accomplished something. Celebrate by deleting your Foursquare account.

Bo-Ring!: More than 75% of your check-ins are at venues with little or no relevance to your network - or anyone else. Tip: No one needs to know every time you pump gas at a Sunoco or pull into every train stop between Baltimore and DC.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Share your Foursquare pet peeve badge ideas in the comments.

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