25 February, 2009

Intern Sweatshop: Let's talk about me

Good afternoon bloggytimeuniverse,
I’m the intern who's been picking up some of the slack around here. I've written a few recent entries - you know, the one's you really loved (thanks, AdRants!). Now, for a proper introduction. Here's Me, in the style of Facebook’s “25 Random Things About Me” mixed with the icebreaker 2 Truths and a Lie.

1. I lived in England last year.
2. I’m an atheist attending a Jesuit college.
3. I’m a terrible driver and have caused 3 car accidents.
4. I’m an Irish step dancer.
5. I can breakdance.
6. I don’t want to get married.
7. My OB/GYN gave me his son’s phone number.
8. I gave up watching TV for a year.
9. I have 2 tattoos.
10. I can play the electric piano quite well.

There are 7 truths and 3 lies. Can you guess which is which?


Erica Campbell, Nice-to-Meet-You Intern

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