16 February, 2009

The Blanket with Sleeves! Seriously?

Sure, the Snuggie is a craze sweeping the nation. Just try and watch TV without seeing the ad or read a blog that doesn't have a post about it (Sorry). Like all fads it will soon fade into oblivion. Before I get into that, here's a quick money saving tip.

Instead of buying a Snuggie, go upstairs to your closet. Probably the section where you have things you never wear. Now grab your bathrobe off the hanger and PUT IT ON BACKWARDS!

A colleague of mine asked me to think about how the advertising style for products like the Snuggie, or Sham Wow, or Old Glory Insurance works. Honestly, I tried for maybe twenty seconds before I came to the conclusion that there are only four types of people who buy these products.

1. The person with more money than they know what to do with. (See: Wall Street CEO)
2. People purchasing a gag gift.
3. The extremely gullible.
4. The extremely stupid.

Demo one is too small, and they usually spend their money on Ferrari collections. Now demos two through four are a huge portion of the US economic market. This leads to the short term success of these products. However, the dumb, gullible, and lazy shopper have short attention spans and soon enough it's on to the next ridiculous product. Then the only place you'll find a Snuggie is at your local Good Will Superstore.

The only product like this that has actually had staying power is the Chia Pet, but I chalk that up to the countless and ever-changing things/people we want to see green hair grown on.

Let me end with this...If Billy Mays were modeling the Snuggie in the spot, I might not find it so irritating. His beard makes me jealous. That just gave me a thought...a Billy Mays Chia Pet! I'm going to go run and copyright that idea or something.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

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