07 January, 2008

Eat at Joe's: Redux

I thought the whole idea of post-modern was to break down the BS filter and connect with audiences candidly—if not irreverently. The ads for the Jackson House in Harrisburg just miss.

It's not a total pan. The gritty design is pretty effective. They serve good food without a lot of pomp and circumstance. I get it. But the copy’s a bit heavy handed. Tries too hard. Like that guy at the indie record shop—you know the type: the snide emo kid in the salvaged Member’s Only jacket and corduroys who rolls his eyes when you ask if they carry a CD from a band who isn’t currently living in their mothers’ basements.

Thematically, the writing taps into something good, something right. But in the end, it gets tripped up in its love affair with itself. Feels like the copy guy couldn’t quite bring himself to drag a few of his babies out to the woodshed. We’re all guilty of that, though. That said, maybe it’s not a complete miss. Take the middle sentence out of the copy, and it’s a pretty damn good ad. I’m going to rule this one an infield single.

M.M.McDermott, ACD/Copywriter/Hypocrite Emeritus

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