05 January, 2008

A Wrd About Prroofreeding and Tpyos.

We run a pretty tight ship at Renegade. Before any work goes out the door, there are no less than six layers of proofing, fact-checking, and approval it must filter through first. From an FSI in a local rag to national TV spots, we scrutinize everything; it's a veritable assembly line of Strunk & White-reading gorillas picking through the matted fur of grammar, typesetting, and Pantones.

Of course, the same cannot always be said for signs taped to office doors by busy web designers in the heat of hellish rush jobs.

When things like this happen, we do what any close-knit company does: email pictures of it to every contact in our address book and pummel the guilty party with insults like a boxer working over a big, illiterate heavy bag of shame.
P.S. Thanks to C-- for being the martyr for all of our proofreading sins. Sometimes, we know not what we write.

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