15 December, 2008

Intern Sweatshop: We'll Wish You a Morbid Christmas & a Scanty New Year

Credit Crunch Christmas Cards have become a bestseller in the UK this season by wishing everyone a “Great Depression” and a “Hungry New Year.” Andrew Shaffer designed a line of holiday cards with Depression-era pictures in an effort to poke fun at the financial crisis we’re facing today.

The photographs include a woman burning presents to keep warm, two children excited to eat a squirrel instead of a rat for their holiday dinner, men only able to afford soup, having to stand in a bread line, and selling children for money. Shaffer explains, "I wanted to contrast today's financial crisis with the Great Depression to show that things are not as bad as people believe."

These cards have become an instant sensation, which goes to show that laughter may be the best remedy for getting through these harder times. So go ahead and order your own at www.depressingtimes.com today. I’ll be sure to send my family and friends holiday cards that tell them to “Hold onto their hats, the worst is yet to come”…I’ll just need to sell my left big toe on the black market to pay for the shipping.
--Heather Knapp, Creative Dept. Intern

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