24 December, 2008

From the Intern Sweatshop: A Holiday Haiku

Okay, this holiday haiku was a lot more pertinent for our needy intern two weeks ago when she wrote it, but we haven't seen her since then, and it's still the holiday season, so we figured, why not? Sorry this so late. Heather, you may still have to sell that toe.

--Captain Awesome

The countdown has begun to the holiday crunch time: two weeks till Kwanzaa, 12 days till Christmas Eve, and 10 days till Chanukah. This time of year brings out the chaos in us all. There are holiday parties to go to, malls to conquer, traveling traffic to sit in and bank accounts to be drained. It’s always stressful coming up with the perfect gift for those who matter most.

However, I have learned the nicest, most personal gifts are those that come straight from the heart. Heartfelt and honest is always the best approach, which is why I am dedicating a poem to my parents for the holiday season.

Fridayish Haiku: Holiday Handout

You know that they say,
Better to give than receive –
Please send me money.

Happy Holidays!
Love your daughter the intern,
Cash or check is fine.

--Heather Knapp, Broke Creative Department Intern

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