05 December, 2008

The Friday Ad Haiku: Agency Breakfasts

The first Friday of every month we have an agency-wide meeting in the morning to review recent work, review finances, and gorge ourselves on free baked goods. It's a bittersweet experience; the glutton in me loves manhandling a chocolate eclair, but the creative in me sometimes walks out feeling a little less than sure of himself after seeing phenomenal work. Work that I didn't work on.

I find those Fridays are typically some of my most productive days. Nothing cuts through a coffeecake coma like the fear of going into another month without something balls-to-the-wall impressive to show off. Something that makes someone else afraid next month. And motivated.

The cycle of creative fear goes round and round.

Like a honey-glazed doughnut.

Someone else paid for
breakfast. But remember: there
are no free lunches.

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