17 December, 2008

FPO, Charlie Brown!

I'm a sullen and unapproachable guy around the holidays. No real reason for it. It's not like I saw my family get shanked by a Salvation Army Santa when I was 10 or anything like that. It's just a reflective time. Maybe that's why the broadcast airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas has always been appointment viewing for me, even in this time of DVR and online video.

As far as Christmas specials go, it's pretty melancholy. Hell, it's damn-right depressing. But there's something in Charlie Brown that I think many of us have in ourselves this time of year. Slate did a great article dissecting the allure of ACBC. It helped me put the holiday in perspective, and I recommend it.

But before you go, check out the personal blog for Angela Natividad (of AdRants fame). She turned me on to an ad agency spoof of ACBC. Suddenly, my seasonal disposition isn't so surly. Video below:

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