26 November, 2008

Friday (Well, Wednesday) Ad Haiku: Writer's Block

There are about 30 minutes to go before the four-day weekend officially begins, and I'm at a loss for words. Not good when you write copy for a living. I've tried sitting in different areas of the office, but different seat cushions and wall colors have done little to help me brainstorm the perfect tagline. I guess at 5:03pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I'm allowed to take a break from thinking. Let's hope my boss agrees when he reads this.

I'll try to muster up enough words for a five-seven-five. Today's topic is a writer's worst enemy: Writer's Block.

Zoned out at my desk
I've got the blank Word doc blues
Time for turkey yet?

--Alicia Taft, Course Developer/Copywriter

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