07 November, 2008

Friday Ad Haiku: We Owe You 2

I don't know how often people talk about this in the rest of the corporate world, but at Renegade, liking where you work, and enjoying what you do are two things we feel are really important. Let's face it, you spend about 1/3rd of your waking week at work. If you don't get some enjoyment out of what you do, then let's hope you're one of them "family men," and if not, um, that sucks. Also, this was an excuse to use some of our fun staff photos from Halloween.

Friday Ad Haiku: Office Spirit

Holiday parties.
Summer parties. Halloween.
Annual bake-off.

All great, but two words:
Free Breakfast. Captain Awesome--
Employee 4 life.

Friday Ad Haiku: Halloween

Hot Dog. Fly Rabbi.
Roller Derby. Rainbow Bright.
Party Girl. Kory.

Andy Warhol. Elf.
Twins. Paul Stanley. Asylum
worker--not a costume.

--Captain Awesome, Copywriter

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