19 November, 2008

A Letter Home

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Dear Mom,
Just wanted to let you know I'm OK. Despite some setbacks, things are starting to look up here in NY. No, I still haven't found modeling/acting work. And that guy I told you about? The one I paid to take my head shots? Turns out he was homeless guy with a Land O' Lakes butter box painted to look like a camera. I should have known because I've never seen any photographer go to the bathroom in a styrofoam cup before.

I miss Indiana. And Mr. Cuddlekins. Would you pet him for me, and tell him I love him?

Anyway, now I've got a really cool gig for this clothing company! I stand behind this window and pretend to be a robot, handing out t-shirts in Times Square. Times Square! EEEEEK!

Best part, I got to stay fully clothed this time! I'm finally realizing my dream. I'm going to make you and Dad proud of me.

Please send more money. They turned off the electric again, and the rats have gnawed through my sleeping bag.

Sally Mae

P.S. Send your homemade oatmeal cookies, too. The ones with the raisins.

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