09 July, 2008

Local Commercial Manages to Suck the Fun Out of a Career in Video Games

I know, I know: critiquing regional spots sandwiched between Judge Judy and Magnum, P.I. reruns is like picking on that fat kid in elementary school who pees himself during arts and crafts.

But c'mon:

Is it the fact that these guys appear to be game-testing in the Young Adult Fiction section of the library? Or the wormhole in the hairstyle time continuum they seem to have stumbled through with their Hazzard County mullets? Or, maybe it's the Carey Elwes stunt-double who throws out the obligatory "dude!"--you know, to really connect with the jobless, pot-addled 20-something demo...from the mid-80s.

If you put together an FBI profile on the guy who wrote this, I'd bet a hundred bucks (Canadian) that he's a white male in his 50s, drives/drove a Trans-Am, and works/worked in a mid-level marcomm job in the admissions division of an online "college."

And he listens to Hall and Oates.

Perhaps the strangest thing about the spot is the medical-sounding disclaimer in the call to action: "Not intended for residents of Texas and Massachusetts". I was half expecting for it to include "...or women who are nursing or pregnant."

Of course, the A/V slippage on this version is really just a bonus. The soundtrack plays like a Kung-Fu movie dubbed by Jeff Spicoli.

Yep. On these slow blog days, nothing tastes sweeter than that low-hanging fruit.


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