21 July, 2008

An Advertising Slogan Challenge

Now I thought I'd found the last thing people would somehow twist to play into both religious faith and capitalism when I stumbled across Spirtual Water. Then my sister Heather found these lollipops to give away at my niece's Christening. She felt these, along with bubbles with a cross on the container handle and Christian-themed crayons, went well with the occasion. I never imagined someone would design a cross candy that the final result of the candy would be to make the cross no more. However, I forgot about the many chocolate crosses I received for Easter in my youth. In retrospect, I now feel bad about dipping them in peanut butter, but I take no blame for my actions. I blame Reese’s. The cross lollipops eventually lent themselves to a variety of potential advertising slogans I won't repeat.

But that gave me an idea. I was curious how these lollies were marketed. The label said they were from the Bombay Trading Company...of Omaha, Nebraska. I was confused too, but I pressed on. And sure enough I found two varieties of cross lollies.

Now I feel like we totally got "whoppered," because neither of those lollipops pictured look anything like the funky molded pastel pops we got. The pops on the left look translucent and pristine. Our pops look closer to the "He Lives" pops on the right sans the "He Lives" banner. So either we got ripped off, or these pictures are simply false advertising. Or possibly my sister got them at a discount rate because the Christening was so far after the Easter season.

But I wanted to find our lollipops, so I continued with a Google image search and eventually stumbled across candy sites offering these.

Yup, they're crucifix pops. And wouldn't you know it, not much advertising going on for these guys either. So my challenge to you, our three loyal readers, my mom, Matt's wife and somebody named Teapot. How about some advertising slogans for these unique treats. And folks, let's keep it PG--I'm looking your way Teapot.

--Captain Awesome, Copywriter

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