13 June, 2008

Two-fer-One Friday Ad Haiku: Recruiting Millennials

In this industry, excellent communication is essential. And, apparently, not present when the Cap'n and I decided who was going to do the blog post today. Enjoy both, I guess. -ed.

We stumble across reports about the issues presented by Millennials (individuals born approximately between 1980 and 1995) entering the workforce every few weeks. For more information, check out this report from 60 Minutes, one from the Washington Post and another from BNet.

Supposedly, Millennials need to be coddled, want to work more flexible schedules and don't like wearing suits. And they're probably the smartest, most adaptable generation that has entered the labor force.

So for your Friday Haiku pleasure, our thoughts on Millennials.

Quit whining. Go back
To your cube. Yes, you're still a
beautiful flower.

--Captain Awesome, Project Specialist


Been reading some recent articles on the new crop of talent graduating from college: they may be ready for the business recruitment harvest, but they're setting my old man sensors off. Depending on which source I go from, I'm either a last-hour Gen X'er or a pioneering Millennial. Either way, I find it hilarious how most of these articles advocate this touchy-feely kid-gloves handling of incoming entry-level kids. They tell us how we should go above and beyond to accommodate these recent grads, many who demand to be given higher level work immediately, push back when given menial tasks, and call for flexibility in schedule, dress code, work flow.

The sense of entitlement that I've seen from too many grads entering the work force, both as a teacher and now as an ad guy, is a hot fart in the face of work ethic. The idea of building your career one step at a time--getting in low, and hoisting yourself up--is a key component of building character and taking ownership of your role. I've seen this concept erased in the educational realm. If we coddled students any more, we'd have to breastfeed them in homeroom. And now it's creeping into the business world. Radar featured a great op piece by an angry--and hilarious--Rob Lanham.

As a side note, one of the best aspects of our agency is the fact that we don't tolerate the babying mindset. New grads (often, they're former interns) get hired here because they bust their asses, have as much humility as they do creativity, and understand the beauty and purpose of the blue collar work ethic. They'll have ample opportunity to contribute...they have to earn it first, though.

I wasn't hired
to make copies. I've got skills.
My mom told me so.

M.M.McDermott, ACD/Copywriter/Get off my lawn, you punk kids.

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