08 February, 2008

Friday Haiku: Office Décor

Why is it some people’s offices look like a board room, some look like a dorm room and some look like a sultan’s harem? Our VP of Production has antique cameras and framed posters from classic movies and jazz musicians. Our Director of New Business Development always has five lamps on, yet it still feels like dusk. My office has two people, a twelve-year-old couch, and a picture of my niece...taped to the wall. So this week’s haiku is dedicated to the office décor you love and love to hate.

Leather couch: awesome.
Hang in there kitty: cliché.
Three-foot droid: I’m scared.

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Captain Awesome, Project Specialist

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1 others 'fessed up:

M.M.McDermott February 8, 2008 at 5:45 PM  

No windows. White walls.
Looks like an accounting firm.
But without the coke.

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