31 December, 2009

Blogcat Goldthwait

At the Confessional, we like to keep track of how many visitors we get per day, where in the world our traffic comes from, what sites direct people here (that's how we found out we're the 69th most popular advertising blog in the UK), if we're still big in Japan (we're not), that sort of thing.

Well, just yesterday we picked up a little traffic from www.blogged.com/topics/bobcat-goldthwait. It's a tracker from Blogged that provides links to blogs featuring Bobcat (or Robert Francis) Goldthwait. Now, I was posting about pro-animal research advertising, and I only mentioned Bobcat Goldthwait because of a special he hosted, and because I love the movie Hot to Trot (Bobcat, Virginia Madsen, Dabney Coleman, the voices of John Candy and Burgess Meredith). I also saw a couple links from other bloggers, like Emma Brooks, Make the Logo Bigger and Where's My Jetpack, who seem to think we're the cat's pajamas. What's wrong with them?

But it goes to show you that you never know who might be reading. We've actually earned a few clients who found out about Renegade by reading our blog. Today, Bobcat Godlthwait fans. Tomorrow, IBM. Who knows?

Anyway, I felt this was a completely awkward way to end a great year at the confessional. I'll leave it to Matt (currently on vacation) to give you all our year in review after the holiday.

My resolution for next year: swear around the office more. I've had two coworkers tell me I don't curse enough. They must not be around me on deadline. That's probably for the best.

Happy %*&^ New Year. Bring on 2010!

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