07 January, 2010


If my adding a little andouille to The BeanCast gumbo weren't enough, I had a chance to stop by AdVerve, a new podcast hosted by Make The Logo Bigger's Bill Green and peripatetic ad diva Angela Natividad.

I channeled my inner-Busey for a five minute segment/stream-of-conscious essay on the devolution of consumer preference. Yeah. That's what that was.

So give AdVerve a download, give it a listen, and definitely give it a review. Disclaimer, this is not the Oldsmobile of advertising podcasts. There's cussin' and swearin', pardners, so if you work at a place where they've never heard the eff word or the bee word or the ess word or whatever word, wear headphones.

Or blast it real loud and give 'em a vocabulary lesson. After all, this is how people naturally talk about the industry.

AdVerve on iTunes HERE.
AdVerve direct download HERE.

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