21 January, 2010

FINALLY! A Sneaker Company That Understands My Nerd Needs

This promo video is all for a new line Adidas is launching, called Adidas Originals. It's supposedly a collaboration between artists, athletes and celebrities to produce a variety of new lines of shoes and apparel (yes, they go way beyond shoes--note the sweet Darth Vader chest box windbreaker the guy is wearing in the spot). There's also a neat "Death Star" application on the site as well, but I'll let you all find it yourselves.

Now I'm not sure the styles are anything mind-blowing, except maybe the Yoda moccasins, not to be confused with the Luke High Tops (although personally they remind me more of Wedge Antilles). They're definitely different, but honestly, someone would have to explain the inspiration behind most of these shoes for you to understand the Star Wars connection.

They may reach a new market or they may just make some sweet collectors' items. It all depends on if the fanboys love them or if the general public thinks they're too geeky. But I ask, how did Nike miss this opportunity to put out some sweet "The Force One's"?

Anyway, I appreciate Adidas for trying something different and for putting in the extra effort for the promotional execution. And thanks to fellow geeks at toplessrobot for the intel. All I know is I'm gonna look badass in my TIE Fighter Tennis.

--George Convery, Copywriter

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