17 December, 2009

Nothing like an A-hole with B-roll

There's something about b-roll that warms the cockles of my...wherever cockles are located. And not just because our agency also has an in-house production shop. Perhaps it's the joy of watching visual cliche play out at 30 frames/sec. Makes me tingly in my ad parts.

And then, there's this:

Tip of the hat to...ME! for having the brilliant idea to eavesdrop on the link-rich conversations of @jetpacks, @thebeancast, and @zoneviii - and reap the rewards. Administering pat on the back...NOW!

And, in case you were wondering, my favorite B-roll shots:

(photos via here, here, and here)

*Active senior couple looking at sunset: Great for Erectile Dysfunction or mortuary services ads.
*Racially diverse 20-somethings having way-too-good a time just sitting on a couch: Perfect in spots for prescription STD medication or vocational schools.
*Lady sitting in the middle of a park with laptop: If you're advertising online college degrees or a new birth control method, you have this in Standard and Hi-Def.

And yours?

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