03 October, 2008

Friday Ad Haiku: The Memo

I entered college in the mid 90s, when the Internet was the newest big thing, when people still searched the World Wide Web with engines like Alta Vista and Magellan, when Yahoo was just another new kid on the block, and people had actually heard of Netscape. So by the time I entered the workforce, post-millennium, most businesses had Internet and email at every desk, and working in promotions and field sales, I successfully avoided an office job for many years. The other day, though, it occurred to me that in my time here at Renegade I've received many company-wide emails, but never a memo. This made me realize that the Internet, the wonderful tool we use to steal music and chuckle at so many lol-cats, killed off the long-time staple of office communiqué--the memo. So for the nostalgic office workers among you:

Your Friday Ad Haiku: The Memo

Now you are email.
Mother nature will not miss.
My inbox so full.

Gone and unnoticed,
Like a fart in a sulfur
Mine. I blame Al Gore.

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