06 October, 2008

Tap the Rockies for free talent.

From our friends over at the Denver Egotist: the Art Directors Club of Denver is throwing a bone into the blood-soaked Ring of Kick-Ass Creativity and All Things Marketably Awesome. They're prodding and provoking hungry advertising hopefuls, college students, and hobo drifters with Photoshop skills to battle it out (probably to the death*) to develop an ad campaign for a local non-profit.

The winners will have their campaign produced and implemented by Arts Street, an arts education program serving poor kids and stuff in the Denver area. The losers will be shot§ .

Ad agencies, you've been put ON NOTICE. Considering the current economic freak show on Wall Street, this could be the post-apocalyptic future for one-off projects. Welcome to Thunderdome.

* Probably not.


† Whatever.

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