03 March, 2008

Two from Taft

Our intrepid Course Developer makes a triumphant return to the blogosphere after a 7-month hiatus to study the mating habits of people who attend Gwar concerts.

Blinking Signs Confuse Me.
Do we really need more distractions while driving? I already have a hard time taking my eyes off the blinking Mr. Boh sign keeping a one-eyed watch over Brewer's Hill while I'm driving on I-95. Though I usually try to remind myself that keeping my eyes on the road while driving at 60 miles an hour is a bit more important.

Now, it's large, illuminated billboards on trucks that threaten to draw my attention. Smashing into the car in front of me while admiring the moving billboard on the truck next to me would probably grab my attention as well. Save those lighted advertisements for when the truck is parked. I’d rather focus on the road, and flipping off the driver that felt the need to cut me off. Hmm, Jersey tags. Imagine that.

Pedigree Commercials Make Me Cry.
The simple notes of the song from the Pedigree Adoption Drive commercials are enough to spiral me into a deep depression. I use my DVR to rewind the commercials about 3 or 4 more times so I can cry more. I call other people into the room to watch and cry with me. I peruse the Pedigree Adoption Drive website and feel hopeful when I see the tag line, “Helping to cure people of their doglessness.” Yes, help me, Pedigree! It hurts. I delude myself with thoughts that I could properly care for a dog with my hectic schedule and limited finances. Once I get past that notion, I get on Petfinder and look for dogs I could adopt...for my parents. I could go to their house and visit the dog at my convenience, and my parents could take care of it and pay the vet bills. Everyone wins.

These commercials affect me more than any other ad campaign I can remember. When I do finally get a dog, will I stuff him with Pedigree? Probably not. In the past, my dogs ate Purina Pro Plan, so I would stick with that. I will, however, donate some money to my local animal shelter this year; I'm sure that's what Pedigree wanted me to do anyway, right? They may not move any dog food, but just think how happy their stockholders will be when a sagging bottom line is buoyed by good karma. It's practically as good as cash.

Then I could brainstorm ways to drop a dog off at my parents’ house in the middle of the night without getting caught.

Alicia Taft, Course Developer/Jr. Copywriter

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Officer Krupke,  March 3, 2008 at 11:43 AM  

God forbid you have to pay attention while driving, but at least people in New Jersey understand the concept of a turn signal. You know, that thing you accidentally hit when you turn on your wipers will going 5 mph in a light rain. "Honestly, officer, I didn't use my signal because I didn't know I was going to turn there. My hands started moving the wheel. One thing led to another. And suddenly I was making a left. Come on, like that's never happened to you." In most states it's illegal to turn or change lanes without signalling. It's okay. As soon as Maryland goes back to the horse and buggy standard, everything will be business as usual.

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