27 January, 2011

This is my stop.

I hate goodbyes. They're self-indulgent. They drip with sentimentality. But more than anything, they're hard. So I'm not going to make this a big deal. Tomorrow's my last day at Renegade and the Agency Confessional.

When we started the Agency Confessional in '07, we were just looking for ways to make our timesheets look like we were working. But it turned into something bigger for us. A unique voice for the agency. Or at least, the creative department anyway. Entertaining. Irreverent. And, hopefully, something to get people in the ad industry thinking, while not talking down to those who couldn't tell David Ogilvy from David Hasselhoff. Hint: one's alive, and one used to drive a really sweet black Thunderbird.

Well, the Confessional will live on. In fact, it'll have a new home on Renegade's redesigned agency site very soon. That's right, the Confessional's company-sanctioned now. It took a few blog awards from the Baltimore Sun and a ranking in the Ad Age Power 150, but it's finally bona-fide. And we think you're going to like where it's going.

I leave the Confessional in the very capable, and sometimes donut-powdered - hands of co-editor George Convery. Though I suppose you can't really leave something you never owned; it's always been a consortium of personalities. Kind of like a creative socialism inspired by Richard Marx instead of Karl Marx. But whatever.

So onward, friends. It's been a great ride. Thanks for taking it with me. But this is where I get off.

M.M. McDermott

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