05 January, 2011

A new year, a new look at things

I've always been fascinated by stories that knock perception on its ass. We're so tuned to think a certain way - blame education, culture, media, whatever. And when what we perceive to be a certain way isn't, it jars us. Good ads work that way. Remember the Awareness Test? Or even the ageless, and ever-parodied "I learned it from watching you, Dad."

Works the same for people, too. We perceive someone to be one way. Usually, they prove us right. And sometimes, we're delightfully wrong:

I'm taking some inspiration from Ted Williams. This year, I've made a resolution to push myself to make clients sweat...more than usual. Make myself sweat...more than usual. For our own good. For the good of our brands. I want to destroy the image of what we're used to seeing in our categories. Do something more unexpected than ever. Something uncomfortable, even.

I believe that our clients have it in them, too. We're lucky to work for some very smart brands. And this year, I'm challenging them to step out of their safe zones. To buck perceptions. To be honest with themselves. To put it out there for their customers. And to let go for their own good. It may be a wild ride, but when it finally comes to stop, I think we may just capture some of that same magic. And it'll be just as golden.

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