16 April, 2010

Who the hell do we think we are?

One of the biggest challenges for us as an agency has been the fact that we're not an agency - not in the traditional sense. In fact, when the company first started in '88, it was a production and post house. Over the years, the marketing and strategy side evolved to keep up with the needs of our clients. Like fish that grow feet.

We brought in agency talent from around the region and the country. Advertising studs who, instead of resumes, can bring in an issue of Fortune, point to a page and say, "I helped make that."

While that certainly made us look like forward thinkers - having agency and production so closely linked has been one of our strongest differentiators - up until recently, we weren't quite sure what to make of it. And if we were unsure, it's safe to say some of our prospective clients were thoroughly perplexed. Especially when many of our clients on the production side are other agencies.

Believe me, it's was months (read: years) of internal hand-wringing, brainstorming beatdowns, and branding brawls as we tried to wrap our heads and arms and legs around exactly who we were. But through it all, a funny thing emerged. We began to embrace this agency/production paradox as a good thing. We realized that we can be many things to many people and not have to compromise or hide or otherwise subvert what makes the whole place great. After all, industry newswires are chock-full of consolidations and mergers - usually from a financial or operations aspect. We're simply celebrating what we've been doing all along - consolidating services.

And true to form, we're doing it the exact opposite way others have done it: building a brand by splitting it apart. Confused yet?

Meet Renegade Productions. Not to be confused with Renegade. We're still the fully-integrated advertising and production company. We're just making it easier for different people to get a handle on our different services. Clients have always been able to come to us for the whole shebang, from the concept to the casting couch to the cut. Now, there's a little more clarity, a little better understanding of how the company fits the needs of clients from all sides. We hope.

Our Director of Production, Jason Stern, put this out to help clear things up for clients and agencies looking for a shop who can help produce pretty moving pictures.

So Renegade moves forward from today as one. In two pieces. Or something like that.

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