13 November, 2009

Intern Sweatshop: Friday Ad Haiku: Kudos to Muppets

This week our interns present dueling Haikus. And no this is not a competition. They just got done something really fast and I scrambled to find something they could work on. You'll be happy to know they spent the rest of the day working on research and transcriptions.

Today, I’m going to appreciate the Muppets by dedicating this blog entry to the Muppets’ endurance and foresight to keep up with recent trends and make people of all generations love them. Kudos to the writers, who do not flinch away from having our favorite monsters dabble in various forms of pop culture.

In celebration, I present to you their excellent blooper reel, released in 2008, featuring the musical talents of the bodacious Beaker. Please, enjoy:

Your Friday ad haiku:

You just got rickrolled!
But it would have been better
If Swedish Chef sang.

- Hannah Cheng, Muppet Loving Creative Intern

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