20 November, 2009

Friday Ad Haiku: Bumper Stickers

Passed someone on the highway the other day who had at least a dozen anti-Obama bumper stickers on their car. And I'm sure I've seen cars with at least as many anti-Bush stickers in the past. But regardless of your political affiliation, what will 12 bumper stickers about the same topic do for you that 1 or 2 about the same topic won't? Because if someone isn't convinced by "No-bama" or "The Audacity of Hype," surely, "Why work, the governement will keep your money anyway," will convince them that your political views are obviously correct.

So this Friday Haiku revisits a topic we all know and love.

Your Friday Ad Haiku: The Bumper Sticker

Highway billboard, blah.
I bludgeon your cul de sac
With my opinion.

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-George Convery, Copywriter

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