21 September, 2009

Ad club schmoozing and the chaos of Bob Garfield

So last week was Advertising Week Baltimore, put together by the local chapter of the AAF. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to have me on the board. Bless their hearts, I suppose they needed someone to finish the half-empties people left behind at cocktail hours.

The week got off to a smashing start with opening night featuring a presentation - or maybe it was a performance - by Ad Age's Bob Garfield. Jeff Goodby may have panned Bob's book, but there's no arguing that Garfield brings to light a few things that should be keeping the industry awake at night.

Equal parts doomsday predictions, podium soapbox histrionics, and level-headed insight, Bob worked a room full'a ad wonks over pretty good. Folks stayed glued to their seats despite the open bar just outside auditorium.

There's a testimonial for you.

Garfield and unknown assailant.

Here's Bob's take:

The Chaos Scenario by Bob Garfield - The best bloopers are a click away

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