09 September, 2009

So a priest and Bobby Flay walk into a bar...

Okay, not really a bar. More like a tent behind a seminary. Either way, there's a punchline somewhere. The celebrity chef stopped by Mount St. Mary's University to challenge Roman Catholic priest, Father Leo Patalinghug, to a cooking duel for his Food Network show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

Some back story: Our sister company, Renegade Studios, produces Grace Before Meals, a web series featuring Fr. Leo. The good Reverend serves up recipes for busy families along with a side order of spiritual goodness.

Besides cooking (and savin' us sinners from the flames), the padre's also got a few hobbies that no doubt enticed Food Network. He's a wicked break-dancer:

And a black belt in the martial art, Arnis:

I'm pretty sure he's the only guy who could kill you with his bare hands then put in the good word for you with the Big Guy on your way Upstairs:

So Flay and Fr. Leo, mano y mano. The challenge: fajitas.

The result airs tonight on the Food Network at 9p, Eastern. If you're in Baltimore, stop by for the show premiere party in Little Italy out in the parking lot of Da Mimmo's. They'll be projecting it onto the outdoor summer movie screen. Party starts at 8p.

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