11 February, 2011

AT&T Ensures Kids Will Never Sleep again

Just got passed a link by Renegade Creative Director - Ken Hall of a new AT&T spot called "Bedtime Stories".

It was attached with this following line:

The last shot in the kids room is terrifying... Goldie hobgoblin and the bear-shaped wraiths haunt the child waiting for directions from the hive.

Here's the spot he's talking about:

I think we have a contendor for King of the Creepy ads, amirite?

It's got it all, weird plastic faced characters, creepy apathetic son who's age is indeterminate, a distant/negligent father, and of course, the 3 little pigs with wolf.

I understand the idea behind it, and the concept there definitely had some great potential, it's sad to see it come out so weird.

What other recent spots did you find creepy?

Just for good measure, here's a screencap of the monsters prior to eating the child.

Sean Sutherland Associate Account Executive/Sleeping With The Lights On

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