08 February, 2011

And We're Live

If you were paying attention, you probably already know this from Jim's last post on rebranding but we've recently completed the transition and are now ready to reveal our new website.

Renegade Communications
Let the fanfare begin!

And to celebrate this monumentous occassion, here's a picture of Ryan dressed as a Chilean Miner and James dressed as himself. This is how we celebrate.

As you'll notice the Agency Confesses blog is getting a second home at Renegade Communications but do not worry, think of that second home as more of a vacation home; a summer house if you will. We'll still be posting all the good stuff you've come to expect from the Agency Confessional but all posts will be reposted on the new site as well.

So there you have it, our new website Renegade Communications. Please check it out and let us know what you think! Or, you'll hurt our feelings.

The Renegade Agency Confessional Blog Editorial Team
-Sean Sutherland
-George Convery
-Jim Luparello III

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