09 May, 2010

T4: Rise of the Facebook

Ryan Singel of Wired tears Facebook a new one for its continually decaying privacy policies. Pretty enlightening. Now I'm not as plugged in as most facebook users. I may goes days without checking. I generally use facebook to read random/witty things said by friends/family/people I haven't seen since 4th grade, as opposed to informing people about what TV show I'm watching or providing daily updates about my farm. And actually, I'm not sure I've ever "liked" anything. Instead, I just comment when I like a post.

But it makes me wonder if a facebook backlash will lead to the next big social networking site. If you remember, MySpace was the number one social networking site for about two years, until Facebook knocked it off just over two years ago. And 10 years ago, who would've thought people would use any search engine but Yahoo. Be careful, Facebook, we may just send our XO Creative Director after you.

Any suggestions on where I should take my social networking instead? I hear Google would like my assistance in taking over the world as well.

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