05 March, 2009


Driving down I-95 Sunday, my old lady and I spotted this billboard:

I originally didn't like this ad because it was so hard to read that I nearly slammed into the jersey wall. After my wife and I took turns trying to pronounce "Hungergency", like a poor reenactment of the nitrous oxide scene in Black Sheep, it dawned on me that the ad was actually kind of ingenious.

First, we spent the rest of the car ride home talking about it. That conversation was ultimately cut short by me actually reenacting the scene from Black Sheep starring me as both Chris Farley and David Spade.

She laughed but I don't think it was with me.

More importantly, without any mention of the product or brand, we instantly associated this ad with Snickers. Mostly because they do a good job of carrying their logo and font design from product packaging to a different medium. Just goes to show how important your logo is. It can elicit instant brand recognition or you could end up here.

You could always get a new logo design from these guys, but I question their ability to tie their shoes with a website like that. I'd let them know, but apparently they don't want anyone to contact them.

Logergency? Why wait? Get Renegade. (ed. note: Way to work in a call to action, shill.)

Got any funny words that you've made up? Leave them in the comments so I can take credit for them.

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